How to Eliminate Acne

How to Eliminate Acne - Who is not familiar with this disease? almost every person on this earth, men and women must have experienced problems with acne. having acne is very annoying even when the acne is gone though will cause acne scars on the skin. Acne can strike anyone, anywhere whether it's on the face, back, neck, etc. but generally acne is more common in the face. for those of you who may have tried various ways to remove acne but has yet to get real results it is good to read about how to get rid of acne and acne scars naturally with this rapidly to completion.

How to get rid of acne and acne scars naturally if actually carried out with painstaking routine and the results will be visible in a relatively fast. the appearance of acne is usually caused by excessive production of oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, cosmetics, drugs, cell phones and stress. get rid of acne and acne scars naturally is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, you are required to do so by the routine if it wants to get rid of acne on your face and other skin. Okay, just following is information about how to get rid of acne and acne scars naturally quickly the more:

Take 1 clove garlic peeled first and then pulverized and paste on your acne. let stand for about 20 minutes. despite having a very pungent odor, garlic is a natural substance that can kill the bacteria that cause acne and get rid of acne fast

Green Tea Ice Beam
Brewed green tea until thick and creamy color with container and freeze ice cubes in the freezer and then paste on your acne, how to get rid of acne do this 2-3 times a day. besides can prevent acne redness green tea ice cubes also able to make acne shrink and soften skin

Prepare the tomatoes and cut into 2-4 parts and wipe the juice and pulp of the tomatoes evenly on the skin with acne. doing this way 1-2 times a day to get the maximum results

Lemon juice
Is your acne along with oil and black spots? if yes, then this method is suitable for you. Take 3-4 spoons of lemon juice and then dip on soft cotton lemon, squeeze the juice and use a cotton ball soaked with the lemon juice on your acne.

white Eggs
Make a mask with egg white material, by applying the egg whites in the area of skin with acne, let stand overnight and then rinse the next day to clean. egg white mask but can get rid of acne naturally also able to eliminate dark spots on the skin

remember, do some natural way above the routine and painstaking the acne on your skin will soon disappear. may be useful and good luck.

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